A complaint about The Equator Principles?

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Use this website to raise a complaint about a project financed under the Equator Principles that is causing harm to communities and the planet

If you have a complaint about a project financed under the Equator Principles, you can complete the form on this page to tell us about it.

You can do this if you feel that the project has affected your rights or the rights of people in your community, or the environment where you live. You can also raise a complaint if you work for an organisation that is supporting people who have been affected by the project.

We will send your complaint to the Equator Principles Association and the banks involved in financing the project. We may also, with your permission, publicise your complaint on this page and contact you to explore whether there is further support we can offer you.

We at BankTrack have set up the Equator Complaints website because, for twenty years now, the Equator Principles Association has refused to set up its own accountability mechanism.

Because this is not an official mechanism of the Equator Principles, we cannot guarantee that complaints filed here will be dealt with by the Association or the banks that receive them. But we will put your complaint to them and work to encourage them to resolve it.

For more information about who we are and how we handle the complaints process, please visit this page, or email us at equator-complaints@banktrack.org.